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Correct Cervical Vertebra Lumbar Traction Straight Spine Spine Relax Back Massage Board Brace Back Stretching Device Health Care

Correct Cervical Vertebra Lumbar Traction Straight Spine Spine Relax Back Massage Board Brace Back Stretching Device Health Care
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Color: Black/Orange
Name: 3D shoulder and neck massage pillow
Material: Resin
Massage area: neck, shoulders, back
Massage time: 20-30 minutes recommended
  • A.Lying down on your back or placed on chairs, put the cervical spine relief equipment in the middle of your scapula. And your cervical will be in the position of the Y-type opening very comfortable.
  • B.You can just keep rest with direct static pressing, or you can also take exercises with neck and hands. 10 minutes for the first time, and may extend after adapting to it.
[Keep the same posture for a long time, You will need our Cervical Spine Relief]
  • 1.When lying down, it can straighten spine,relieve tense nerves and muscles.
  • 2.Open arms, spread to the lungs and make breathing deepened, as the effect of aerobic exercise and relax.
  • 3.Placed on chairs,also has the massage
  • effect,can massage acupuncture points and muscle in the back.
  • A: Relieve back fatigue
  • B: Relieve cervical pressure
  • C: Improve insomnia
  • D: Straightening the spine
  • E: Solve back pain
Keep away from fire or flame. For normal use only,can not tear,cut and poke it. Keep out of reach of children except under adult supervision.
Package Contents:1* Cervical lumbar traction

Only the above package content, other products are not included.
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3D shoulder and neck massage pillow
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