Neck Pain treatment

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Neck pain treatment

Neck pain is an important contributor to musculoskeletal disability. The prevalence ranges between 16% and 75% worldwide. Neck pain treatment is therefore an important since it impacts the physical, social, and psychological well-being of patients. Neck pain is the fourth greatest cause of global disability and affects between 30% and 50% of adults in any given year. The global incidence of non-specific neck pain in the adult population is 4.9%. Given the prevalence of neck pain, it is likely that most adults will experience neck pain at some point in their life.


Neck Pain is defined as pain or discomfort in and around the neck and shoulder girdle. This can happen with or without pain or sensory changes into the arms. Loss of cervical range of movement is also very frequent leading to stiff and painful neck. Poor posture, occupational activity, sporting activities and mechanical injuries such as strains are important risk factors for neck pain. Stretching, Range of Movement (ROM) exercises and manual therapy including massage are helpful neck pain treatment.


A multimodal approach is the most effective way of managing neck pain. This include exercise, postural rehabilitation (with or without braces), manual therapy and acupuncture to name a few. Massage therapy interventions are used for people with neck pain with the aim of providing pain relief and restoring cervical ROM. These neck pain treatments are considered effective when combined.


Systematic reviews have identified that manipulation or mobilisation added to exercise is effective for the management of neck pain.

Heat therapy applied on the neck can also be helpful and increase the ROM of the neck. This effective neck treatment can be given with the help of an infrared electronic device as this one.

In case of a disk hernia in the neck, traction can also be very useful. It is well known that reducing the tension on the pinched nerve is an effective neck pain treatment.

In any case a proper evaluation of your neck should be done by a health care professional.


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